Why we resurrected The Future Well

It’s simple. I’ve had wonderful successes and hard fought failures. So I want to ensure no companies spend the time and money making the same mistakes as me.

It’s an unprecedented time in healthcare. I believe it’s finally the right time to build new care models. There’s been 15+ years of experimentation and billions invested in bringing new care models to life. We’ve had 14 years of mobile apps changing how our culture gets things done. There are more and more CPT codes coming online that unlock new ways of delivering care. And covid helped our culture see the value of many different forms of communicating with their providers, not just scheduled conversations in exam rooms.

When you’re on the bleeding edge of healthcare, as I have been since 2007, it’s lonely and unprecedented. There’s a lot of experimentation to say the least.

But with 15 years of patience, healthcare eventually catches up to what’s possible. And I believe the time is now right to begin building novel care models at scale.

I guess I really took to heart growing up in the “show-me” state of Missouri. Without showing the world what’s possible, it’s hard for anyone to envision something they’ve never experienced before. And nobody hangs out on the bleeding edge unless their heart is 110% invested in change. That’s why I’ve absolutely loved the last 15 years of my life. But getting to a place that you’re proud of involves a ton of experimentation. And experimenting with features of a platform powering diverse teams of doctors all across America isn’t cheap or fast. There’s a lot of hard-earned gains in there. And if we work together, you don’t have to conduct those experiments. You can learn from all the time and money I’ve spent finding out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building care models.

Time and money are the only things startups (and most companies!) don’t have. Let’s ensure you spend both wisely. The world needs fundamentally better healthcare. So let’s work together to build new care models that are based on hard-earned experience.

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