Care Model 101

The anatomy of a care model

Product has traditionally been thought of as something like an iPhone or a note-taking platform. But, in healthcare services, the product is the care model. And the care model is far more complicated than a device or a tech platform. It involves a combination of technology and humans to create every single touchpoint all actors have with the service. Actors in a care model include doctors, patients, clinical admins, customer service…literally every single person involved in bringing a service to life.

Building a service takes specialized, big picture thinking from a team with hard-earned experience. It’s a mash up of clinical expertise, cutting-edge tech, operational, communication, and marketing expertise. Choreographing each of these components into one seamlessly coherent experience and turning it into a business is the secret sauce all care model companies need to develop.

Designing and operationalizing a care model considers the following 10 components:

The Foundation

The Patient Experience

The Care Team Experience

The Client Experience

The Technology

Regulatory & Privacy

Metrics & Optimization

Clinical Proof

Marketing and Education

The Go-to-Market Strategy