The Care Team Experience

Care Model 101


Providers and their teams are the backbone of a care model. They are the face of the company. How they manage care, how they communicate with patients, what they say and don’t say, and how they deliver standardized, high quality care is the difference between patients praising you in online reviews or leaving the service after one bad experience.

Architecting a care model has a lot of similarities with producing a play in a theater. Plays involve frontstage and backstage components. The audience sees everything that happens in front of the curtain, but they don’t see the director, stage hands, lighting coordinators, etc. If the backstage components are flawless, the frontstage experience is flawless. That’s why investing 80% of your resources into the “backstage” components of a care model is everything. It’s how you build your tech for the care team so it fundamentally rethinks traditional workflows and enables them to complete tasks in seconds rather than hours. It’s how you design your tech to ensure standardized workflows are far easier and less time consuming than customized workflows.

But in the end, a care model’s success is about giving them superpowers. If you invest heavily in that, it trickles down to the patient, which drives affection for your service, positive reviews, and increased revenue.

When architecting the provider experience, here are a few examples of components you must consider:

  • How do we hire exceptional providers?
  • How does the provider manage an individual patient (reactively responding to a patient)?
  • How do providers manage their population of patients?
  • How do providers manage their time and schedule?
  • How do providers standardize messages and content to patients?
  • How do providers know who’s responsible for acting on new activity within their practice?
  • How do providers know what’s expected of their performance?
  • How do providers operate as a team?
  • What are the provider working hours?
  • How do providers learn clinical and operational policies upon being hired?
  • How are providers notified about new features?
  • How are providers notified about new clinical practices?
  • How do we design features for providers?
  • How do providers provide valuable feedback to enhance the patient experience and ultimately drive improved quality and increase revenue?
  • How do we ensure legal compliance across all regions for clinical practices?
  • What are our clinical operational policies?
  • What are our clinical policies and care plans?

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