Regulatory & privacy

Care Model 101


America’s 50 states are almost like entirely separate countries, each with their own laws and regulations. Care teams need to be licensed in each state, clinical processes need to be customized for each state’s laws, and patient policies are a whack-a-mole matrix of complexity. And if your service cares for children, it’s a mine field. If a parent manages a child’s care, what happens to the parent’s access when that child turns a certain age, according to state-by-state laws?

The above situations doesn’t even take into account internal policies and procedures around issues like “what happens when an employer sponsors the cost of an employee’s care and that employee leaves the company?” It’s unethical to immediately cut off care to that patient, especially if they are in the middle of a serious situation. So, how does the technology and care team handle these situations?

These considerations are unique to every company and care model. Example questions we’ll tackle to best understand this component of a care model are:

  • What is the strategy to license regulated members of the care team?
  • How do we architect the tech platform to support state-by-state licensing, clinical, and operational processes?
  • What is our policy when patients no longer have sponsored access to our service?
  • How does the care team know when a patient loses access and what steps do they take to ethically care for that patient?
  • What roles on the care and operational teams have access to which types of information in the tech platform?

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